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My name is Kenny McClelland, and this is a message to all potential drivers. Let's start off with the fact that you create your own schedule. 


There are many different opportunities. Most common ones are doing deliveries for nursing homes. Giving people rides to doctors or wherever they're going. I encourage all drivers to have water in a cooler on the hot days, phone car chargers, an audio auxillary cord , and to refer to the customer by using their names. Mostly, we strive for a seamless experience, something that the customer will remember, and want to recommend us to their friends and family.

This video describes how I want us to treat customers.

If you go to, or on free app, you can search gas prices and it will bring up a map with the price of gas at all the gas stations around you.

If you want to help us grow put fliers everywhere. Like bars, hotels, laundromat, sheetz, community boards, nursing homes, car dealer ships, waffle house, colleges, apartments, gyms, hospitals, doctors, anywhere and everywhere. Post online Glide app (discover mode), twitter, FACEBOOK, whisper, instagram

You will be using your vehicle.

This is an on call position.

If you're interested, please apply here.

Pre-Booking Rides